Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hello World! Etc....Etc...Etc...

In “Teaching Diversity –With a Smile", Barbara Ehrenreich criticizes both the opponents of multiculturalism, and those who insisted on strict devotion to political correctness. Although her primary focus is multiculturalism, Ehrenriech also calls to attention Racism, and Sexism as well, and that they all create victims. She seems to say that multiculturalism isn’t so bad and a lot better than monoculturalism, and opens up about her childhood experiences. She addressed, “So I applaud—with one hand, anyway—the multiculturalist goal of preparing us all for a wider world—while the other hand is taping its fingers impatiently , because the critics are right about one thing: when advocates of multiculturalism adopt the haughty stance of political correctness, they quickly descend to silliness or worse”. She identifies that advocates of P.C and multiculturalism are more fascinated with flowery customary phrases, rather than taking a clear action.

Her ending basically states that if we don’t truly take notice and participate in our rich diversity, we shrivel ourselves being content with the “parochial” education that’s left us ill-equipped to navigate a society that’s truly multicultural.

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