Saturday, January 16, 2010

Note To Self - It's Not you, It's Me

     From following over 45+ blogs back to only 9, I've decided that I was following most of them for the wrong reasons; I wasn't keeping up and losing it didn't do any good for my personality or consciousness. I wasn't improving on anything as I'd hope in the beginning that reading blogs would help me with some part of my life. I was roaming down a path I honestly couldn't favor, on the wrong side of the blog world, I should say. I was actually getting irritated and depressed over what I read and saw. I'm "very" poor to begin with, so when you're trying to follow someone who buys Chanel or expensive MAC products on a daily to weekly basis, there was nothing to be learned except that the product was pricey and indeed very nice looking. I can only handle so much of the "high-end" beauty raves and rants. Most of these lovelies have a secure job, and thus they can afford to treat themselves. One of my secret delights is just watching the play of colors and creation that makeup offers, but this time I was delving in way too far. I became envious, of course who wouldn't be...all that tube of rouge for only "$45.00" A bit sick, a bit disgusted at myself knowing I'll probably never ever in my life buy a tube of lipstick for $45.00 knowing it could go to soo much food for my puppy and water; I love water <3. I haven't spent anything or treated myself to makeup in half a year. I got a $20.00 gift card for doing a good job at work and that was spent buying myself a pair of pajamas and a very much needed face cream for $5.99 since the winter cold did a fair amount of damage to my cheeks and all I could feel was it stinging. Reality kicked in; it's not's me.
     Hopefully, hopefully I won't be regretting my decision on cutting back. Their lives will go on, no one's going to miss a silent reader, lol. I've decided to stick to two of the original blogs I started following in the first place, and the rest I found interesting or couldn't have the heart to kill off because I'm connected to them in some way. It's 4:40 AM now, so I'm going to try and head off to bed in a bit. I'm the kind who sleeps in all day if given the chance. Heh.

Sweet dreams.