Monday, September 14, 2009

Hello Kitty, My Melody Goodies & Rice Bowls

I had plan to send this adorable dainty pair of Hello Kitty Earrings to one of my younger sisters for her birthday, but I've been very negligent and bad and thus...have not. She didn't ask for anything of particular value...but I thought she might like it. Even if she doesn't, I have...3 other sisters and I'm sure one of them will like it. My new pink Sony Cybershot (a surprise given by him <3) hasn't been able to pick up the lovely small details as I'd hope it would. Which is a shame, because it does not do this pair of earrings justice! I only use the automated mode and haven't really messed with it. I probably took about 30 ++ pictures to see if I could get the details in...but it was so blurry!  This was the best I could get it, and I bet it was by luck @_@. I took it at night time, against Boston Market's paperbag, lol. I guess they contrast pretty well, ne? And this one was against the wall _-_. Like I said, very very dainty and delicate. 
Over the weekend while we were checking out World Market, he got me these two really cute ceramic rice bowls.^_^ I heart..heart them. The red bowl says HOT on one side and SOUR on the other side, and the orange bowl just simply says, WONTON. LOL..they came with their own unique spoon and chopsticks. Plus! it was only $4.99 for each. ;D I rarely blog about these things, but I had to test out my camera...maybe I'll blog more often now. Before we left, we picked up a cute lunch box full of Hello Kitty and My Melody Pez Candy. They were so adorable, he suggested I should send them to each of my four little sisters. ^___^ He has a knack for giving me kawaii things ^.~ They'll  be so happy and fight over it, and then the tin box I'm sure.

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