Friday, February 5, 2010

Pink Berry!

Ever tried Frozen Yogurt? I believe one of my new loves of cold desserts besides gelato  is now Pink Berry. I finally found a little corner store here in Dallas and had to go try it out. Non-fat frozen yogurt just keeps getting better. The bf surprised me by taking me there this week because I kept "moaning" its name everywhere. He ordered a fruit parfait and loved it. Passion fruit and Pomegranate was his yogurt flavor of choice .LOL. Pink Berry is delicious, and healthy..and now has a huge number of followers! If you've chanced upon the catchy Pink Berry  theme song on youtube (Like I did...-coughs-) and decided to check out what all the hype is'll get some delicious and healthy dessert stars in your eyes. I <3 Green tea flavored anything! I highly recommend that when you get it in Green Tea frozen yogurt to add Mochi (rice cake), coconut, and mango in it..and of course, blueberries. Well that was how I had mines. XD Yummy! Any other flavor will make it taste odd (in my opinion as it won't compliment the green tea flavor) unless you're a green tea and fruit fanatic like I am and is willing to eat it all. They have a variety of toppings, and as many as you want as long as it fills the cup; I just favor fruit on mines. In this case, curiosity, my dear..doesn't always kill the cat. Pictures courtesy of Pink Berry.

P.S -I kept my medium sized Pink Berry Cup (It was huge!) for memory's sake. xD Of course, it has been cleaned out  with love. My puppy even liked it, although all he got was a huge blueberry. <3

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