Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Empathy is defined as understanding; capability to share in another being's emotions and feelings.

I don't think he'll understand the situation tonight, my emotions...feelings..etc etc. I'm still just uber upset and sad, very sad. I waited, and waited..for him to pick me up from work. Stood outside the door literally for 10 minutes, searched around the parking lot, glanced left, right...up and down for any signs of the car--- to only discover 50 minutes later that he was there the whole time apparently waiting for me. Worried sick to my stomach, upset that something bad had happened to him...and to only hear him shouting at me afterwords. It brought tears to my eyes. First time I cried in front of a guy at Seven Eleven while shuffling quarters out of the quarter cup; forced to get toilet paper. Yes, I paid for 4 rolls of toilet paper in quarters with tear stains as well.

Point was, I called home twice, left messages thinking, how could he forget me?! And even called his mom just in-case he went to her house. I sat patiently waiting  outside the area where I always sit waiting for him, fuming away with my bare foot on the warm cement and rubbing it after literally standing for 8 hours and outside. I'm just aching, in pain...and of course hormonal. Still, never once did I see him drive around the parking lot searching for me. Because I was literally looking at every headlight and passing car looking and waiting anxiously. I'd have preferred him forgetting me completely or still asleep.

-Sighs- Okay, even after I got home and had a long cry in the shower--- I must admit I'm just a very mad, sad and depressed individual who's going through a hard time because she can't stand up or take care of herself and her life properly, and what's on the way. My eyes are heavy, so I must try to sleep now as  I work again tomorrow. Farewell and good night.