Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What A Day

What a day, what a day! My dog woke up extremely sad looking...even a tad sorry? Naughty little him last night made a few accidents on the bed, so I let him sleep in the living room. What kind of dog would go potty again after just going an hour before?! Dookie >___< MADNESS. That's Owen. Well...then I patted him and he felt better. Mr. All High & Mighty.
Wanted to be babied.

Looking extremely sad.
All fine now that Mommy has given him a pat.
Work was: paperwork, paperwork...files, paperwork. Went crazy trying to fix everyone's notes properly, making sure sales/refunds/ signatures, and everything that needed to be there was there. Crazy busy closing and having to sort things out so it makes sense. Someone prank called with Hank Hill's voice on the phone...after five seconds of listening, I hung up. Out of the ordinary, yes. LOL -___- pathetic. Couldn't locate a form which drove me mad...but I'm home now and off today. =) Had the most delicious chicken ever made by my Barbie.

I'm tired now so better get some snooze. Sweet dreams.

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