Sunday, April 24, 2011

Yes, My New SGS

Yes, yes! He said I could have the new headset since he already has the other Skullcandy. Just switched the Turtle Beach headset for this awesome new Skullcandy one. =) I was getting a little weary of the white noise the Turtle Beach headset was emitting, and the fact that it used up one of the two USB ports I have on the laptop...which doesn't give me much room to work with any other utility that needs to be connected to another USB port...etc..mouse, I know, I'm a baby.

Super comfortable, great quality, and one more USB port to use! I'm not using it for gaming, but it's perfect for my simple need. Thanks <3 Sweet, ne?

PS- Two days passed and my lucky bamboo isn't dead looks like it's doing well!

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