Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tea Thief

We've all accomplished plenty of things in our life that we regret..may it be by accident or force of attitude. Each and everyone I'm sure, has had their moment of sulking after the high; when the consequences and guilt kick in.

Mine: I took a teacup that wasn't mines at a restaurant. >___> WTF, as if I needed a memory of that wonderful day; and I just had to take it! I felt soo awful afterwards, telling him I did something bad on the ride home and showed him the cup in my lap.  From that alone, I'm still a kid at heart who's always willing to make errors, in hopes of learning from it and improve her situation. XD OMG,  bottom line--- Never steal, or take what isn't yours. Unnecessary steals: Tea, my dad's tea...my OWN tea..my Teacher's Tea... That MAY be a case of tea hoarding though. Now I am happy to say I have plenty of tea to last me for a while. A whole year! Should start drinking tea again. ;D Green Tea FTW; night owl here I come! Actually--it is bed time. 1:30 Am constitutes to 7 hours of sleep...work, then I'll be home again. Home sweet home.

Note to Self: She's finally 6 months old now...more beautiful each day. <3 her to death. Truly blessed. She has a liking for Cuties. Who doesn't love Clementines?

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